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Clear Medium Thick DIY Slime Artemis アルテミス

Clear Medium Thick DIY Slime Artemis アルテミス

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Artemis Dream is a super pretty blue DIY slime. It comes with a separate 1oz pink slime filled with beads, beautiful sparkles and an adorable or Luna charm.This slime is amazingly satisfying when you push in to it and makes great bubble pops!
Check out the full ASMR videos:

Instagram: gslimes_official
YouTube: gslimes_official
Color: blue, pink

Texture: Soft, semi-thick, smooth, stretchy

Lightly scented

Size: 7.5oz

Slime is Not Edible. Slime's texture may be tacky or too soft or too firm upon delivery depending on the temperature during shipment. Please see Slime Care for tips.



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