The Love and Benefits of ASMR

GSLIMES was started by 8 years old Grace Gee who loves ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).  Grace enjoys slime so much and plays with it almost daily. With the support of family and friends, GSLIMES was launched in 2022 to share with others the fun of slimes and other adorable things. Additionally, GSLIMES help curb anixety attacks and achieve focus as well as calmness. Our slimes can also help adults and the elderly to prevent deterioration and improve fine motor skills.

What You See Is What You Get

It took nearly 2 years of rigorous testing to formulate GSLIMES. Our slimes requires 3x more time to perfect than other slime shops. We don't hold back and don't cut back on using the best materials, including accessories. Every slime is quality checked prior to shipment to make sure that it is send to you in the best condition. 

Eco-Friendly Slimes

GSLIMES absolutely do not use styrofoam in slime or for packaging. Despite the low cost, styrofoam creates air pollutants and is harmful to your health as well as to animals. It's also damaging to Earth's ozone and is extremely difficult to recycle. Do you know that styrofoam make up 30% of global landfill and can take more than 1 million years to break down? And even then, styrofoam becomes more toxic than before!  

We are replacing our packaging materials with recyclable and biodegradable materials whenever possible without compromising quality, however, due to the higher cost of these new materials, the process is gradual. Our main ingredients are organic, vegan, and we use non-toxic colorants as well as other common household products. Please consult your physician before handling slime if you suspect or have history of adverse reaction to any of the above.

We are best priced to maintain and continuously seek ways to improve. When you support us you are contributing to environmentally responsible products.

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