Shipping & Refund Policy

Shipping Cost
  • Shipping cost is based on weight and location that is calculated by USPS or other carrier via Shopify and can be as low as $7.09. Optional express shipping is available at checkout for an additional fee.
  • GSLIMES ships internationally via USPS, DHL or UPS unless otherwise noted. Optional express shipping is available at checkout for an additional fee based on weight and location.
  • Orders are usually processed within 3-4 business days. Tracking status will be provided throughout your slime's journey via Email you entered at the time when order was placed. In the event when shipment day is changed, customers will be notified via Email. 

Replacement & Refund

Leakage or Damaged Container

Changes in air pressure during shipment may cause slight leakage. This is normal. If your slime was delivered with significant leakage or other types of damage to the container that effects the integrity of the product, please contact us at and attach a picture of the damaged product with your Email. In most cases, we will issue a replacement slime or refund.

Allergy or Sensitive Skin

Some slime textures such as chunky slimes with beads may not be suitable for sensitive skin or small hands and may cause irritation.

Our slimes contain organic borax, biodegradable glue, non-toxic coloring, non-toxic scent, cornstarch and other common household products. GSLIMES is not responsible for adverse reactions to our slimes. Please make sure that you or others who will be handling the slimes are not allergic to these products before purchasing. Refund will not be issued.