Slime Care

Sticky Slime?

If your hands are too warm they will cause the slime to be sticky. Sometimes slimes may be too firm or too soft upon delivery due to cooling/warm temperatures during shipment or at delivery location. Proper care can help your slime last longer. Here are some recommendations:

  • Wash hands before playing, otherwise your slime will feel sticky! Dirty hands might also cause your slime to mold! Unlike sticky slime or stiff slime, there is no way to fix moldy slime :(

  • Lightly wet hands with water, activator or saline before handling your slime.

  • Keep lid on when not playing prevents slime from drying out.

  • Do not play with slime aggressively to prevent slime from breaking or beads falling out too much.

  • If slime becomes too sticky, then store in the fridge for 30 min+.

  • If slime feels sticky even after placing in fridge, then mix a little borax solution to it until it gets to your desired consistency. The general slime activator solution is 1 teaspoon of borax dissolved in 1 cup of hot water. 

  • If slime is too stiff, then leave in room temperature for 30+ min or wet hands with warm water.    

  • Some slime textures inflate after played with. You can store the overflowing slime in a separate container and it will gradually deflate in a few days.